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Christmas Ad

Rose Lane Coffee is a popular speciality coffee shop based in Liverpool. They wanted to take their socials to the next level by producing a Christmas Ad. They wanted something heartfelt and funny. Hold our coffee...

Client: Rose Lane Coffee

Location: Liverpool

Deliverables: 1 x 1 social ad

What we did

Pre Production:

We sat down with the guys at Rose Lane coffee and colated everything they wanted from the video. Once we had established their needs we then got to work on scripting and storyboarding the Ad. We then casted for the role of Father Christmas and also sourced an ideal location for the shoot. Once the script was locked and Father Christmas was selected it was then onto shooting.


This was a night shoot and we shot it entirely in one night. It was important to keep to schedule as we had quite a lot to work through. Lighting was impoortant as we wanted to light the set

Post Production:

Editing took place in the space of a week. The team went to work on sound design once the edit was picture locked to create a more magical feel to the film. We created one 1 minute social media ad for Rose Lane Coffee and it has worked well on all social media platforms.

BTS from the day.

View more bits.

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