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Product Ad

Indigo Art specialise in creating Artwork schemes for a wide variety of projects and clients across the UK, Europe and beyond. Trying to tap into the consumer market Indigo art wanted a showcase video aimed at the general public who were interested in buying their products online.

Client: Indigo Art

Location: Chester


1 x 50 second Ad

3 x 10 second social edits

What we did

Pre Production:

When we first met with Indigo Art, they explained they didn't have an idea of what they wanted but they knew they wanted something punchy to grab peoples attention. Thats where we come in. We developed an idea and created a storyboard to present to the guys at Indigo Art and with no changes they were incredibly happy with the approach we outlined. We also sourced a showhome in Chester to shoot the internal shots.


This was a two day shoot. The first day we focused on product shots and unboxing shots. These were mostly shot overhead so we had an overhead rig on set along with serveral lighting rigs.

The second day we focused on the intro shots and wall hanging shots. It was important to frame each scene exactly the same so that in the edit we could cut seamlessly to difference scenes. We had 

Post Production:

The guys got straight to work on the edit once all the footage was backed up. 

BTS from the day.

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