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Coleg Cambria is one of the largest colleges in the UK, with approximately 6,000 full-time students, 20,000 part-time learners and many international links spread over 6 sites across Wales. We've worked with Coleg for a number of years now and they wanted to take the next step from social content to producing a TV Ad. Challenge accepted!

Client: Coleg Cambria

Location: Coleg Cambria

Deliverables: 1 x 30 second main TV Ad

10 x 10 second stings

10 x 5 second stings

What we did

Pre Production:

Because the college is so big and Coleg wanted to incorporate all sites, we decided to split the shoot up into five shoot days. It was important we had enough time at each site to capture the content we needed for the films. Once we established we would have a full shoot day at each site it was then down to what courses we wanted to include. The college has over 100 courses and we couldn't include them all in a 30 second video. We decided on twelve main subjects and a few backup subjects. We also created a list of activities each subject could prep for when we arrived as to not waste too much time setting up once we arrived on set. We also helped Coleg develop a suitable script for the voiceover artists.


With five shoot days and around 20 subjects to capture we had our work cut out for us. The pre production stage was super important for planning activities before hand. Some of the subjects included shooting with animals, agricultural studies and performing arts so we had plenty to work with. 

Post Production:

We took care of every aspect for the editing and delivery to Clearcast for TV approval. The team had a lot of deliverables to send over and so editing for this project took around two weeks. Once the final edits were picture locked, the team applied a final colour grade on the edits.

BTS from the day.

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