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Online Commercial

 Rose Lane Coffee wanted a new advert to promote their summer range of iced teas. They approached us with the idea of having a short, punchy and slightly comedic style. We developed the concept and created one main 50 second Ad and five shorter ten second socials. The videos have been a massive success on their socials.

Client: Rose Lane Coffee

Location: Liverpool


1 x 40 second social Ad

10 x photography stills

What we did

Pre Production:

Working closely with Rose Lane Coffee, we helped developed the concept, created a script and storyboarded the project. Once the script and storyboard were locked in we booked in a shoot day and started planning our approach for the shoot.


We shot all the content in one full shoot day and split the shoot into three sections. Hero shots, pieces to camera and a voice over. We shot the product shots on location with a static black backdrop. We felt the product shots should have a black backdrop to help the colours of the teas pop on screen. Once we had the hero shots nailed we set up for the pieces to camera. Lighting was super important for this shoot as we decided to shoot by a window with a lot of light shining through. It was important to make sure we had enough light inside to match the outside light. After the pieces to camera were captured, we set up our voice over booth which was used for Dan (our talent) to read through the script. We played a lot with delivery and dialect with the script. We wanted the voice over to sound scouse with the shop being Liverpool based but not to broad. After the voice over was recorded 

Post Production:

After we wrapped, the team headed straight to the studio to back up the footage ready for an intense editing session the next day. The final deliverables consisted of one main 50 second edit and 5 short 10-15 second edits for socials. The team took care of sound design and final colour grading to make the most out of the lovely colours captured on the day.

BTS from the day.

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