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As part of Amazons push to elevate fleet safety with a new Driver•i AI Fleet Camera Systems, we were briefed by Amazon to produce an internal explainer video for all their drivers. The video documented the new system and explained its functionality. The system has been introduced in the UK to reduce incidents, improve compliance, and optimize driving performance.

Client: Amazon

Location: Bolton

What we did

Pre Production:

Working closely with Amazon, we helped develop the concept and approach to this project. This was a two camera shoot with pieces direct to camera along with serveral different scenes. 


Production consisted of one internal static location for pieces to camera, and a number of external locations. For the internal shots we utilised a two camera setup along with lighting and sound 6 person crew including makeup artist. We utilised our in house teleprompter on set so that our talent was aware of the script and we could be as efficient as possible with our time.

BTS from the day.

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