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Promotional show videos

The Dukes is a theatre company based in Lancaster producing a variety of live professional theatre shows all year round. Being the only producing theatre venue in Lancaster, The Dukes wanted video content to promote their upcoming shows of Around the world in 80 days and Jungle Book.

Client: The Dukes Theatre Company

Location: Lancaster


2 x 1 minute promotional films

10 x photography stills

What we did

Pre Production:

We've developed a close relationship with The Dukes after working with them for a number of years. We were tasked with shooting two separate trailers for live shows, one of which they wanted actual footage with live audience there. The jungle book show is set in Williamson Park and each scene is set in different locations in the park. It was important for us to know the whereabouts of each scene so that we had time to set up each location. 


Production for both trailers were completely different. The Around the World in 80 Days trailer required a lot more pre production and planning. We developed a storyboard and a script with the Dukes and we had a lot more artistic and creative input. The Jungle book trailer was filmed at a live event. Recording the audio was crucial at the show. We wanted to make sure we had the best possible audio so we connected our equipment in their mobile PA tech car to capture audio. 

Around the World in 80 days required heavy planning as we hired a hot air balloon for the morning. We had to contact the local council and public park representatives to gain permission for the air ballon. We also organised a drone pilot to capture the required drone shots for the end of the trailer. The weather for both the air balloon and drone footage had to be perfect for health and safety concerns. We pencilled in a second shoot day incase the weather wasn't right but luckily this wasn't needed.

Post Production:Editing for both films took around ten days. We edited all aspects of the films including sound design and full colour grade. We also provided The dukes with 25 photography still which they used on their website blog.

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