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There was no problem on the hunger front for this shoot let's just get that out there. We ate very well indeed! Rough Hand Made is a Boutique Bakery based on Liverpool's Albert Dock. They approached us needing a video for their website. They wanted to show their customers the passion that goes into making their products and thought video would be the best way to do that. We helped them come up with a story to showcase what goes into baking their products every day.

Client: Rough Hand Made

Location: Liverpool Docks


1 x one minute edit

What we did

Pre Production:

Working closely with the guys at Rough Hand Made, we spoke about thew journey each pastry goes on from start to finish. We thought we could excecute a heartfelt story incorporating Carlo's (the baker) love for bakery growing up in Buenos Aires. Our goal was clear, and we constructed the shoot very carefully. We wanted people to almost taste the food, and to get a glimpse into what Rough Hand Made is all about. Incorporating the humble background of the very people behind this cultured bakery was also key to our vision.


Production consisted of one internal static location for pieces to camera, and a number of external locations. For the internal shots we utilised a two camera setup along with lighting and sound 6 person crew including makeup artist. We utilised our in house teleprompter on set so that our talent was aware of the script and we could be as efficient as possible with our time.

Post Production:

We took care of every aspect for the editing from sound design to colour grading. The sound design was particularly important for the edit. We wanted the viewers to feel as if they were right there watching Carlos bake. We came up with a number of creative sound ideas. A timelapse of the bread baking was complimented by a crisping noise as it finished baking.

This was created by scrunching paper in front of the microphone back at the studio and speeding it up and changing the pitch. The final deliverable was 1 one minute film which was very well received, and gave Rough Hand Made a viral asset that ultimately represents their ethos.

BTS from the day.

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