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Online short series

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Youth Focus North West is an organisation with strong youth work roots. They work in partnership with young people and organisations to have a voice where it counts. As part of the COP26 climate change event, youth focus wanted to create a series of online learning videos to raise awareness of the importance of climate change and to outline changes we can all make to make a difference.


Youth Focus Northwest

Location: Bolton


Five 5-10 minute online episodes

What we did

Pre Production:

We had five short episodes to make ranging from 5-10 minutes in length. Each of our talents were discussing a different topic. We worked closely with each of them to make sure they would be hitting all the right points on camera.


This was a two camera shoot and each episode consisted of the talent delivering their information directly to camera. We framed each talent up slightly different to allow for the use of basic graphics to pop up on screen as they were talking about the subject. The guys wanted each episode to be shoot outside to emphasise the fact they were talking about climate change. With this in mind we were faced with some challenging weather conditions. The first shoot day the sun was cracking the flags so we had to block out the sunlight and the second shoot day was windy and rainy so we had to make sure our audio capturing was on point.

Post Production:

After we wrapped, the team headed straight to the studio to back up the footage ready to crack on with editing. The final deliverables consisted five 5-10 minute short episodes. We also included graphic pop ups throughout each episode to grab the viewers attention to the facts being spoken about. The videos were very well received in the industry.

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