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Online awareness campaign

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RASA contacted us as they wanted to produce an online series of awareness videos for their Rape and Sexual Assault campaign across merseyside specifically focused on public transport. The videos were to be used to educate bus drivers, train drivers and police officers across the region about the risks of sexual assault on public transport and signs to look out for.

Client: RASA

Location: Merseyside


5 x Ten minute awareness videos.

10 x Photography stills


What we did

Pre Production:

We sat down with RASA about 6 weeks before filming and collated notes on what it was we needed to get across in the videos. Because of the subjects nature, it was important we got exactly the right information out on camera. Once we decided on points RASA wanted to hit in the video, we started on contacting the talents to appear in the video. We used 4 talents talking directly to camera including a member of Merseyside Police.


We shot all the content in one shoot day. We allocated 1.5 hours for each of our talents to deliver the information to camera. We set up studio lighting before our talents arrived so they could sit in front of camera and get rolling without any delays. The shoot was a two camera shoot (3 cameras with BTS). We shot every response twice so that in the edit we had two different responses to choose from.

Post Production:

The team were straight to work the day after shooting. RASA needed five short episodes of awareness videos, each around ten minutes in length. We provided full edits of these, along with some basic graphics and a colour grade to complete their desired look. We also provided ten Photography stills for them to use on their website.

BTS from the day.

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