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Wayfinders promotional film

The Brief

MMG, a marketing and advertising company based in Bournemouth contacted us to create two different films. Both with the intention of showcasing their screens in Trinity Walk, Wakefield.

Their ambition was to capture the essence of the screens and promote how shoppers interacted with the Vodaphone advertisement being displayed. They wanted this to be shown in a cinematic way with plenty of creativity injected into it.


Boasting the biggest fleet of advertising vehicles in Europe, MMG wanted to advertise other services they provide. These being digital Wayfinders and outdoor modular LED Screen's. Therefore, the films we made were purely focused on these two services.

The Challenge

After weeks of pre-production planning, we arrived ready to shoot the advert only to find that the screens were not functioning correctly, there was a technical fault. We waited for an engineer to arrive and analyse the situation. Unfortunately we were told that the screens wouldn't be back up and running until the following day.

The deadline for this project was a short one, and we had other shoots planned throughout that week. We arranged to go back and shoot the video the following week. (Meaning we would have to edit throughout that night to meet the deadline). 


With time against us, we had the whole project turned over well within the deadline of MMG's tight timeframe.  MMG said that the videos were great assets for their marketing team to target new clients.

"Core Media Productions were brilliant to work with from start to finish. They responded quickly, then went above and beyond to deliver high quality videos within our very tight deadline. The videos they produced were incredible. We cannot wait to work with Core Media Productions again." 

Abbey Davies, Communications, MMG

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