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Educational Film, Online Promotional film, corporate film

The Brief

MerseyTravel commissioned us to make a film that celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Queensway tunnel. They wanted us to capture the event in its entirety showcasing the activities and tours the public could take part in.

The Challenge

Most of the filming took place underground, and a lot of the time the lighting conditions were harsh. We had to create successful solutions for shots, as well as capture audio to the highest standard in an unusual environment. Risk assessments were so important on this shoot as they allowed us to take precautionary measures whilst filming in a challenging environment.


There was a two week turnaround for this particular project. The film was completed in time to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the tunnel.

"The team spent a considerable amount of time ensuring they understood our needs and the messages we wanted to get across in the video. The end result was a superb piece of film that captured the spirit of the day, with lots of great interviews and powerful visuals." 


Nicky Speed, Communications Officer, MerseyTravel

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