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Promotional Film

A mothers day special. To celebrate the mothers in our lives, Livv Housing Group wanted us to create a video to celebrate mothers day whilst also promoting their state of the art assisted living facility. Livv Housing provide over 13,000 homes across the Liverpool region so it was important to them to create a quality video to showcase the company.

Client: Livv Housing Group

Location: Merseyside


1 x 2 minute promotional film

What we did

Pre Production:

We helped Livv housing develop their concept and gave them our thoughts on how best to approach the shoot. The brief required us to incorporate mothers day whilst also acting as a promotional film for Livv Housing.


Production consisted of one full shoot day in a communal room at one of Livv Housings care homes. We had four interviewees, a son and mother and a daughter and mother. We only had the one communal room to work with so we set up different interview locations in each corner of the room dressing each one differently to give the impression. We decided to shoot the interviews both handheld and with a tripod to give the overall film more of a homely feel.

Post Production:

We handled everything in the edits. After we wrapped, it was time to go through our footage and create a heart felt narrative. The culling process didnt take too long as we created the interview questions in a way to get the answers we wanted for the film. The final deliverable was a two minute edit to be used on Livv Housing's social media channels and website.

BTS from the day.

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