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Promotional film

Landrover contacted us as they were in need of a video to promote their Land rover experience in Halewood. Landrover offer customers the chance to experience what its like driving offroad in one of their cars on their bespoke tracks. This shoot was an exciting one!

Client: LandRover

Location: Halewood


1 x 40 second video

10 x photography stills

What we did

Pre Production:

It was important to Landrover to showcase the whole experience on offer and not solely focus on the driving. We spent time with them visiting each filming location and compiling a plan of activities to shoot whilst at those locations. Once these were nailed down we came up with a plan of action on how best to approach the filming.


Production for this shoot was one full shoot day. After the activities were agreed on in pre production we divided the day up into four sections. It was quite a busy shoot so it was important for us to stay on schedule to fit everything in. Lighting in the factory turned out to be quite challenging as it was a much bigger space to fill. We tackled this by using two sets of Aputure 120dii's and a 300d just for safe measure. Filming of the actual driving experience was full of creativity as there was a lot to work with. Not to mention we got to drive the cars ourselves which was 

Post Production:

We were tasked with showcasing the experience as a whole. In the pre production stages Landrover were conscious of not being too visual heavy on just the driving as the experience offers a lot more than just the driving. We crafted the final video in a way which complemented everything on offer with the experience whilst also incorporating some driving shots. The final deliverable was one 40 second video and 10 photography stills.

BTS from the day.

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