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Online Video Campaign

The Brief

KaizenKlothing approached us to produce a series of online video advertisements for their new collection. 

The videos were to be used as part of an online marketing strategy to gain brand awareness and promote their new line of clothing.

We were given a lot of creative freedom throughout this project and KaizenKlothing were open to all of our suggestions throughout the production process.


The timeframe for this project was one week. After the final shoot date we got straight to work on the edit and had their main online advert up within the week. 


KaizenKlothing found our videos to be a great success for them as they effectively reached their target audience and generated a sales increase. 

The Challenge

This project was all fun from start to finish. From the early stages of pre production up to the final edit, the guys at KaizenKlothing were open to all our suggestions. 

For a couple of scenes we wanted to incorporate smoke into the frame. KaizenKlothing's new t-shirt line was called 'GAS' and had a picture of a rabbit face with a gas mask on. It seemed fitting to incorporate the smoke into certain scenes and it also complimented the location.


This was the first time we had filmed with smoke and a major challenge was knowing how the smoke would react outdoors. We found the slightest wind would change the direction of the smoke. After a few tries we managed to get the smoke to react how we wanted and the footage we captured of our model was amazing.

The best company I have ever worked with. The time, effort and attention to detail in the work the lads produce is second to none. The campaign they produced for our clothing brand seen a massive increase in engagement and sales.

Simon Bradley, Owner, KaizenKlothing brand

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