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Online tutorial series

Joseph Massie is often referred to as one of Europe's top botanical artist, with five RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals to his name. Joseph Massie wanted to launch an online training masterclass for all things floral design. He contacted us to create a series of online 

Client: Joseph Massie Flowers

Location: Salford


1 x 1 minute series trailer

4 x 20 minute tutorial videos

5 x 10 minute tutorial videos

5 x 5 minute tutorial videos

20 photography stills

What we did

Pre Production:

Working with Joseph Massie over a period of three months, we developed a close relationship with him and the huge operation he runs. We sat down and discussed each tutorial video in depth and how best to approach each video. We developed a scheduele and allocated oourselves enough time to shoot each tutorial. The first section of videos were shot at his warehouse and so we helped create and light a set to give a warm feel to the videos.


This was a jam packed shoot shot over several days in different locations. With 14 tutorial videos to get through it was important we kept to schedule. We utilised a two camera setup along with an array of our lighting rigs. We allocated 1 hour for each 10 minute tutorial and 90 minutes for each 20 minute tutorial just to make sure we had enough time to capture each step. Some of the scenes were also shot with an overhead rig so it was important to give ourselves enough time for setup.

Post Production:

Editing for the series took about three weeks after the final shoot day. The team completed first drafts and sent them all over for approval. Once any final changes were made we then finished each tutorial with a colour grade so each style matched.

BTS from the day.

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