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Social Media Advertising

The Brief

Hugh Baird College wanted to promote their state of the art South Sefton campus to students who were thinking of studying there. The idea was to capture the essence and feel of the campus whilst incorporating every subject the college offered.


We delivered the colour graded clips back to Hugh Baird College within a week of filming and also provided them with a short one minute promotional film of the campus within a week of filming. The film is being used on social media platforms online to promote what the college has to offer.

The Challenge

We had two full shoot days to capture interior and exterior shots of the campus and also the 25 subjects the college offered to students.

One major challenge throughout this project was time management. Because we had so many subjects to cover in a short space of time, it was essential we captured what we needed quickly and effectively. Pre production was important for this shoot. In the days leading up to filming we sat down and brainstormed ideas on how we could capture each subject differently. This was important not only for time management but also for the viewers of the film. We wanted to capture something unique in every subject that clearly indicated what that subject was.

"Core Media are an incredible team to work with. Their enthusiasm for the work they produce, commitment and creative flair has helped us produce some top-end, professional content"

Ben Davies, Marketing, Hugh Baird College

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