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Flipdish are a software company based in Ireland. They offer online ordering systems to restaurants in over 15 different countries. Flipdish asked for us to visit a number of their customers across the UK and produce case study styled content for their socials.

Client: Flipdish

Location: Huddersfield, Hollyhead, Liverpool


5 x three minute testimonial videos

30 x Photography stills

What we did

Pre Production:

Flipdish wanted to create a series of case study videos to show across all of their social platforms. They wanted to capture their customers using their product first hand. We worked with Flipdish to understand their needs for the project and they took on our opinion on how best to approach this project.

video production services liverpool


Each of the five shoot days were jam packed days. The restaurants we visited were all incredibly busy establishments so we had to work around a tight schedule to capture the content we needed for the projects. It wasn't possible to have the restaurants close for shooting so we captured the restaurant in action along with an interview. We also provided photography for a written case study on Flipdish's social platforms so after we finished filming, we kept hold of the talents for a couple of photography stills

Post Production:

Flipdish have their own editing team and so we provided them with all the raw footage from the shoots for them to edit. We coloured 30 photography stills to be used on Flipdish's online case study pages.

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BTS from the day.

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