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The Brief

Rough Hand Made wanted a mood film to give an exclusive insight into their boutique bakery. The film is used online to market their beautiful rustic location, and fresh baked products.


This film was delivered to the client who then used it to promote their bakery online. The film was very well received, and gave Rough Hand Made a viral asset that ultimately represents their ethos.

The Challenge

There was no problem on the hunger front, let's just get that out there. We ate very well indeed! 

Rough Hand Made bake premium quality products that are made, sold and then consumed on the same day. Due to this they start early in the morning. Our shoot was a 4:30am start.


They have a flawless glass front to their bakery and as nice as this was, it was a major factor to consider for our production. Lighting was everything in the film, and it had to be consistent. The sun would rise just after 6am and so this gave us a very precise but also short window of time (no pun intended) to achieve the shots we wanted. If our schedule was to creep over the lighting would change drastically and alter our creative vision.

Our goal was clear, and we constructed the shoot very carefully. We wanted people to almost taste the food, and to get a glimpse into what Rough Hand Made is all about. Incorporating the humble background of the very people behind this cultured bakery was also key to our vision.

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