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Social media campaign

Coleg Cambria is one of the largest colleges in the UK, with approximately 6,000 full-time students, 20,000 part-time learners and many international links spread over 6 sites across Wales. After working with Coleg previously for a number of years, they tasked us with an 18 month contract to produce all their online video content.

Client: Coleg Cambria

Location: Coleg Cambria


25 Case study films

25 short social edits


What we did

Pre Production:

For each case study film it was important we planned what we wanted to show on screen. Each case study was a different subject area and so we sat down with Coleg to discuss the best possible activities we could show on screen. Once we nailed down the content we wanted to capture, it was then onto finding ideal participants to base the case study on. Coleg helped massively here as they had a good understanding of what students would be confident talking on camera. Planning was important for both the interviews and b-roll shots. We wanted to make sure the right informationo was getting said and have the visuals to match.


Each case study was shot in one day. We split each day up into two. Mornings we would film the interview and we would leave the afternoon free to shoot b-roll. 

Post Production:

Coleg wanted a quick turnaround time after shooting. After each shoot, the guys went back to the studio to back up the days footage and start the edit. Coleg would have a final draft between 7-10 days and the shoot day. We also provided English and Welsh subtitles for every project.

BTS from the day.

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