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Event films

The BSI is one of the oldest, largest, and most active, immunology societies in the world and is one of the largest in Europe. Their members are based all over the world, with the majority working in Britain. Each year they hold an annual congress and they contacted us to produce a series of event films to be used on their main website.

Client: British Society for Immunology

Location: Liverpoool

Deliverables: 4 x two minute highlight films

What we did

Pre Production:

BSI wanted a series of 4 videos focusing on different elements from the two day event. with the event being two days there was plenty of opportunities to capture quality footage of the event. We contacted all the interviewees before hand to organise time slots for them as most of them were speakers at the event so didn't have much free time.


Production consisted of one internal static location for pieces to camera, and a number of external locations. For the internal shots we utilised a two camera setup along with lighting and sound 6 person crew including makeup artist. We utilised our in house teleprompter on set so that our talent was aware of the script and we could be as efficient as possible with our time.

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